Digital Campaigns

The agency Cosmonauts & Kings develops digital campaigns and strategies for political parties, foundations and associations. In my role as Design Lead, I created a number style guides for their social media campaigns, including templates for graphics and video posts.

This is a selection of my work.

German Zero

German Zero is a NGO that advocates for a stricter climate law in Germany and aims to achieve a climate-neutrality in Germany by 2030. When they asked us to develop a style guide for their social media channels, it was clear that I would have needed to stick as much as possible to the existing CD. Therefore, I focused on developing their arrow into new shapes, which where then upscaled and overlayed with hard light effects.

Clima Fighter

Together with the style guide, my project manager and I thought about adding a format to the regular flow of content: Klimakämpfer:in (“Clima Fighter”). Each person in the series is depicted as a sort of superhero, with their own strengths visualised in form of list and drawings.

EVP-Group in EU Parlament

When it comes to politics and EU, you will find tons of content in blue and yellow! It was then a conscious decision to exclude them from the style guide I designed for EVP (the CDU-CSU group in the EU parliament).
Since the content for their channel was targeted on a younger audience, I sought a balance between the need of distinctiveness of a political party and a captivating visual language.
Each person portrayed in the post overcomes the limits of the layout, as if their ideas and motivation themselves are capable of overcoming the traditional boundaries of politics.

Freie Demokratische Partei

In 2019, FDP planned a new referendum on the development of the edge of the Tempehofel field. For their social media campaign, I created a style guide compatible with the Corporate Design of the Party. Also, I expanded their visual language according to the specificity of the campaign.

Graphic elements

Airports use a very distinctive style for their visual communication, with bold and oversized shapes. I found this language very similar to the one of FDP, which features strong neon colors and bulky shapes. It seemed obvious to me to merge the graphic elements into one style guide.

Campaign Logo and Stickers

I used a yelllow arrow as a symbol of an airplane. Its shadow is casted on a purple circle, which is therefore symbolising a landing strip. The graphic element as a whole represent both development and determination.

There are three version of the logo. One compact (which works as a physical sticker too) and its extended version, plus a background-free version.


Each image is color-graded according to the FDP color scheme. The sample posts below show how a quote, logo and message post could look like.

More videos!

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