The digital campaign #StandWithRoma has been designed to create awareness of the condition of Roma in Eastern Europe.

The campaign created a space where a common voice of the diverse Roma communities could resonate into a broad and diversified audience.

StandWithRoma - Fahrendes Volk

The Briefing

As Art Director, I was challenged to create a campaign that could grab the attention of the general audience, but also an appropriate and considerate output when addressing sensitive topics such as the persecutions of European Roma.

The campaign aimed at shifting the political focus to the condition of Roma in Europe. It was then necessary to define a visual language that could also communicate the relevancy of the issue raised by the campaign.


Roma are very heterogeneous groups that blends with the communities they live in. There is no visual elements or symbols that could encompass the the Roma culture as a whole.

To define the style of the campaign, I tried to visualise qualities that could resonate with the Roma culture in relation to our campaign goals: I used a series of vigorous brush strokes to communicate an overall sense of liveliness, self-expression and so of pride.

StandWithRoma Social Media Campaign - Chabos Chaia




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Conceiving + Executing

When designing for social media, an engaging content depends also on whenever creatives can help defining the briefing: Political organisations, NGOs, foundations etc. tend to rely mostly on words to communicate their message, which makes them not very social-media-friendly.

I feel that part the success of the campaign depended also on the cooperation with the Creative Director and the opportunity of taking part in developing the formats of the campaign myself.

StandWithRoma - Bevor es cool war Carousel
StandWithRoma Carousel

Flexible Design

The campaign ran for 9 months and it counted more than 500 advertised posts in different channels.

By using brush strokes as graphic elements, the design team could rearrange them freely and create unique content pieces on demand. This solution allowed us to produce quality output promptly.

Brush strokes were used functionally by detaching the texts from the background images and to highlight certain words, as well as decorative elements.

StandWithRoma Flexible Design


The color scheme of the campaign follows the accessibility guidelines set by the WCAG standard. They define the minimum contrast ratio between the color of the text and its background, so that each content piece is accessible to a color-blind audience.

StandWithRoma - Colour Scheme

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