Tylko is the pioneer of Responsive Industrial Design. It introduced a degree of customisation never seen before in the furniture field, making bespoke products available to everyone.

My role within the team has been exploring further the potential of their technologies and know-how.

Don’t just image it, see it.

Using Augmented Reality, the customers of Tylko can see the shelves that they are customising through their phones as the shelf was really in front of them. The printed page that is put on the floor allows the App to adjust the perspective and the scaling of the shelf with impressive accuracy.

As part of the design process, we made sure that the shelves kept their functionalities and visual balance with any configuration.

Tylko Scalable design configurations
Tylko Scalable design configurations

Function Follows Form

Designing a shelf a Tylko is very different process from the one of any other furniture brand. To be able to design a functional shelf at any configuration, I needed to develop a new design approach (and overturning a classic design principle).

Each typology of furnitures tend to have certain dimensions. A dining table, for instance, would always have a 70-80 cm height, in order to work with chairs; The height of a media console would need to be under 70 cm, so a person sat on a sofa or at a table could watch TV without stressing their neck.

I took this basic knowledge a step further by collecting the dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) of as many furniture as possible already on the market. The resulting database allowed us to learn more specifically what are the most common dimensions of a variety of categories of furniture.

We could now predict what typology of furniture the customer of Tylko were looking for when they set certain dimensions in the app.

Tylko - Form follows Function

This concept is useful for at least two reasons:


The typology of a furniture determines which characteristics it would need to have (e.g. drawers, cabinet doors or shelves).
For instance, a media console would need at least one open compartment to let the infrared signal from the remote reach the media player connected to the monitor; A bedside table needs at least one drawer, so to be accessible by a person lying on the bed.


By meeting the customers’ needs better, it is more likely that that they will purchase a furniture from Tylko.


Each point in the charts below indicates the width and the height of an existing furniture piece. The data, grouped by typology and their median dimensions, informed us about the most common dimensions per typology of furniture.

Tylko - furniture typologies median charts
Tylko - furniture typologies median charts


Finally, we could assign typical dimensions per typology of furniture.

Tylko - Typologies of furnitures

In addition to supporting the work of the designers, the result of the research have been integrated in Tylko website and in their configurator app.

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